Agaroth is brand new private server by creators of oldschool servers like Eustaria (2015), RuneClash (2014) & Hellhounderz (2008). With our new server, we want to do something different. We want Agaroth community to take a charge of content and changes.
Instead developers packing server with unwanted and unattractive content, only players suggestions and requests will be added.
Concept is to collect all the ideas every week and poll them over weekend. Similar to Old school RuneScape, ideas that gather more than 75% up-votes and wont have big negative impact on game play, will be programmed into server regardless if owner/developers want them or not.

In Agaroth you will find everything you ever looked for in private servers.
We have currently 25 bosses and more coming constant.
With our wide selection of bosses, we can guarantee days of playtime, when hunting for good gear.
Agaroth has 25 skills you can train. We have team dungeoneering, duo slayer, full summoning and so much more!

Compete with your friends in highscores to become best skiller, or fight anyone in our flawless bounty hunter, to become best pker.

What are you still waiting for! Join us today!